Putian City, Fujian Province Hanjiang District Xingyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in the west side of the Straits, is a set design, production and sales in one of the specialized and modern printing and packaging enterprises. Company building area of 10,000 square meters, built garden-style plant, office, staff apartments, the overall environment is very beautiful. The company adjacent to Hanjiang moving station, high-speed intersection, to the Po railroad, convenient traffic conditions for the development of enterprises plug in the wings of take off.

Since the establishment in 2000, the company adhering to the "integrity Founding, Houde Liren" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "hand-source, win-win future" business philosophy, in good faith to establish a good reputation to strength to win customer trust, and customers Value grows together!

Excellence, stability and stability. The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality certification and national QS industrial production license certification, adhere to quality improvement and technological innovation, improve product added value, improve the industrial chain structure, and gradually form the core competitiveness. Has been widely used in the application of plastic flexible packaging research, the product has been widely used in electronics, food, daily necessities and other industries, the main products are food packaging bags, diapers bags, sanitary napkins bags, industrial bags, clothing bags, shopping Bags, and other products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, to win the trust of our customers. With the development of large-scale enterprises, the company has created an experienced design and development, technical research and enterprise management team, set up a sound organization, and the establishment of an independent laboratory, quality control center and logistics center, The direction for customers to provide thoughtful and lively service, one-stop printing and packaging solutions.

The company established a perfect blown film workshop, color printing workshop, composite workshop and bag making workshop, the introduction of advanced complete production equipment and mature management technology, with five PE blown film line, five high-speed printing production line, two high-speed dry Production lines and more than 30 Taiwan bag machine. In 2008 the company spent huge sums of money to expand the plant and the introduction of advanced computer gravure 10-color printing press, membership to improve production capacity and product quality, to ensure full meet customer needs. In recent years, the company actively implement the brand development strategy, through innovation to create Xingyuan brand, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises continue to develop and continue to grow.

Word of mouth is the best ad. With the "good quality, good service, reasonable prices," the service approach, Xingyuan win customers and the industry's praise, successively with major domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a good and long-term partnership, establish a good brand image, to achieve The enterprise's sustainable management.

Playing a wave, Xingyuan more than ten years. Xingyuan people rely on advancing with the times the concept of management, superb production technology, scientific work attitude and integrity and pragmatic style, through the entrepreneurial ten years, and customers grow together. The future, we will, as always, by virtue of high-quality products and efficient services, reasonable prices and all new and old friends to achieve a new round of mutually beneficial win-win situation, create brilliant!


Xingyuan's core values

Xingyuan venture in 2000, Xingyuan has always been to create customer value as the goal, all the way business innovation, after each market changes in the survival of the enterprise, has been recognized and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Xingyuan vision and mission is committed to becoming the industry leading, the customer preferred the first competitive plastic products service providers. Xingyuan through the establishment of a single win-win self-management model, internal, to create a closed-loop dynamic network of nodes, external, to build an open platform.

"Xingyuan Road" is the innovation of the Road, its connotation is: to create a first-class talent generation mechanism and platform, which continue to create value for customers, and then form a single win-win culture. At the same time, Xing source to "no successful business, only the era of business" concept, is committed to building the Everlasting century enterprise, a business can go far, depending on the enterprise's own values, which is corporate strategy landing, The cornerstone of resistance to temptation.

Xingyuan's core values are:

Right and wrong - to the customer is, to their own right

Development View - Entrepreneurship and Innovative Spirit

Benefit view - people single win

"Always to the customer is, to their own right" is the non-concept is Xingyuan to create customer power.

Xingyuan people will always be customer, is not only to meet customer needs, but also to create customer demand; Xingyuan people never self-righteous, only self-righteousness can continue to deny the self, challenge themselves, remodeling self - Change, change in the win.

The two form the inherent genetic characteristics of Xingyuan's sustainable development: it is not changed by the change of the world and developed in accordance with the development of the times.

This gene, together with the "two creation" (entrepreneurial and innovative) spirit of each source, forms the core competency of Xingyuan to maintain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing market: the world is getting stronger and the customer changes, The more time

Entrepreneurial innovation is the two creative spirit of Xingyuan culture unchanged gene.

Better serve the major industries

We create a new, best, fastest, most perfect



Excellent supplier

Hanjiang Xingyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was appraised as an excellent supplier in January 2013


Integrity of enterprises

Putian City Hanjiang District Xingyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. in December 2003 by Putian City Administration for Industry and Commerce, Putian City Consumer Council awarded the title of integrity business


Top ten trustworthy enterprises

Putian City Hanjiang District People's Government in December 2003 granted Putian City Hanjiang District Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Top Ten trustworthy enterprise title.



Putian City Hanjiang District Xingyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. printed the "soft love super thin baby diaper bags" and other products in Fujian Province, the quality of packaging and printing products outstanding product title.